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Welcome to our website where you can find out more about us and our dogs. 


We live in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, surrounded by woods and fields. Our neighbour ( a farmer) owns all the land around us so places to exercise the hounds are endless and we're only 10 minutes drive from the beach.

The deerhounds were a big part of my life years before I met & married Tony (Chip) in October 2002, our son Conor completed our family when he was born in January 2004.

We moved to Lincolnshire from Derbyshire in January 2011. My Mum Margaret moved with us and lives in an annex attached to our house.She helps us a lot with the dogs and looks after them when I'm at shows for the day.

Growing up as a child I dreamed of being surrounded by dogs, my parents always had a couple of dogs in the house but I always wanted a few more. The first dog I ever showed was my dad's whippet Smokey, (Hallcliffe Honesuckle) I would be about 10 at the time,we only went to fun/exemption shows but we always did really well. At the age of 14 I bought my own dog with my own money, she was a German Shepherd ( Calagran Gladys) and I adored her, she went to a few shows but clearly hated it and would much rather be sat in the park with me and my friends. I had pointers for several years, I enjoyed working them on the moors but had limited success in the show ring and I can't say the breed "got under my skin". The deerhound did exactly that, no other breed can compare to how these hounds make me feel. It's nice to have a few whippets around again, my dad always had a whippet so it's a breed I grew up with. Conor spends hours playing with them, I can see him wanting more in the future and I'm sure we will.

We concentrate on showing the deerhounds but hope to show the whippets a bit more in the future.

I love taking photos so usually have my camera hung around my neck when out walking the dogs, it gives me the chance to capture all the things about my dogs that I love, a moment in time, the things I see every day.... a majestic pose, a far away expression, power, speed and their gentle nature. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Ch. Kilbourne Grey Ghost of Ladygrove       &      Ch. Kilbourne Melissa of Ladygrove  my first two deerhounds.

Ch. Kilbourne Grey Ghost of Ladygrove       &      Ch. Kilbourne Melissa of Ladygrove

my first two deerhounds.

I got my first deehound, Ch. Kilbourne Melissa of Ladygrove, in 1997 from Mick and Glenis Peach and in 2000 our 2nd girl arrived, Ch. Kilbourne Grey Ghost of Ladygrove, Melissa's daughter

These two girls were a joy to live with, very sound, fast and fit. We had a lot of fun at the shows and I gained a wealth of knowledge on exhibiting, grooming, exercising and rearing of puppies through chatting with other deerhound exhibitors.

I was very fortunate to have both of them gain their titles. A hard act for my future hounds to follow but a great incentive to continue showing quality dogs.

Ghost had one litter of 4 puppies in April 2005,sired by Ch. Kilbourne Nimrod, our first deerhound litter from which we kept Spook. (photos of spook below)


We had a litter from Spook in 2007 sired byWild West which produced 9 puppies. Ladygrove Belle Starr stayed with us, two of her sisters are below...

Russian Champion Ladygrove Shotgun Annie

Annie was exported to Russia along with Welsh Wizard from Kilbourne, we believe they were the first deerhounds in Russia, both have done well in the showring and produced puppies for their owner Svetlana.


Ch.Ladygrove Calamity Jane at Amiro    (Wraith)


Wraith is owned by our friend Anne who had admired Grey Ghost when we met at a show. We never managed to get another litter from Ghost so Anne decided she would wait until Spook (Ghost's daughter) had a litter, Wraith is a very similar type to Ghost which I'm sure Anne is pleased about. Wraith is not the most willing showgirl and can be quite stubborn when she wants but Wraith gained her title making her our first home-bred deerhound champion, well done Anne & Wraith.

CCs awarded

Leeds 2010Mr C K Thornton

East of England 2013Mr K Aird

Houndshow 2013Ms K Barrett

Midland Counties 2013Mrs S Piggott

photos of Wraith below

Our next litter born and reared at home was a jointly bred litter with Mick Peach.  (Ch Greyflax Myth to Kilbourne x Kilbourne Macdeva with Flufawn) born 24th September 2009

This litter resulted in 9 beautiful puppies, 8 dogs and 1 bitch. Out of this litter we kept Gunner, Ch. All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove

 Sticky the border terrier (Foxghyll Treacle of Ladygrove) lives with my mum. We also have a comical bunch of chickens who supply us all with fresh eggs every day. The terrier and whippets think they're fair game if they get out of their chicken run but we rarely have casualties.

Conor has finally got the chihuahua he's been wanting for years, Gem is a whirlwind of mischief and fitted in with the family perfectly.

I think myself very lucky, dreams ,that I hardly dared to hope for, have come true, Ive been fortunate to own some wonderful dogs who've excelled in the show-ring and bought us unconditional love and companionship. We don't breed with our dogs very often but we always aim to produce hounds that are fit for function, of good type with a sound temperament.

We choose to have all our deerhounds tested for Factor VII .

All our puppies are micro-chipped, have regular worm and flea treatments and vet checked before leaving us for their new homes accompanied with a comprehensive puppy pack, Kennel Club registration, 5 weeks free insurance and a lifetime of support from us.

Our deerhound puppies are liver shunt tested and fully vaccinated, they are usually ready to leave us at around 14 weeks of age

Whippet puppies are usually ready to leave us between 8 & 9 weeks old.

We are always here for any hounds we breed and ask that the dog be returned to us should it's owner need to re-home it for any reason. We would never want any dog we've bred to end up unwanted or in a rescue centre so always stress to new owners that they should contact us should their circumstances ever change.

Visitors are welcome by appointment to meet us and our hounds

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, we hope you enjoy our website!.

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