Memory Lane

These beautiful hounds have left us with many happy memories and helped us gain valuable knowledge and experience. Gone but never forgotten, their memory lives on.....

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CH. Kilbourne Melissa of Ladygrove

Born June 22nd 1997   Bred by Mick & Glenis Peach

Our first deerhound, our first Champion and the start of a love and passion that will last till the end of my days.


CCs won

Three Counties Agricultural Society 2001 Mrs. Bryce-Smith

Blackpool 2001 Mrs. M. Nixon

Leeds Championship Show 2001 Mrs. Ann Tomlinson



CH. Kilbourne Grey Ghost of Ladygrove


Born August 11th 2000   Bred by Mick & Glenis Peach   Daughter of Melissa



The daughter of Melissa, Ghost was a very slow maturer and didn't gain her first CC until she was 5 years old, someone once said to me "she's like a fine wine, she keeps getting better with age" and this was very true. She gained her 2nd CC with best of breed at the Houndshow aged 6 years old and then went on to get  reserve best in show. As a veteran she gained the RCC and best veteran in breed at Darlington 2007, competed in the veteran hound group which she won, and the following day she returned to compete with the other veteran group winners for best veteran in show ....and she got it ! It just goes to show that some deerhounds need plenty of time to mature before they look their best.

CCs won

Midland Counties 2005  Miss J. Lanning

HoundShow 2006  Ms. S. Finnett & Reserve Best in Show

L.K.A. 2006  Mrs. Blandford


CH. Wild West von der Oelmhule


Born  March 13th 2005        Bred by our friends Jurgen Rosner/Papenfuss in Germany    



West was a very sensitive soul and it took a while for him to mature both mentally and physically before he became a true showman. During his show career he was jointly owned with our friends  Mick & Glenis Peach (Kilbourne)


We had a lot of exciting days in the ring with West and he sired some quality puppies including the beautiful Ch.Gentom Peacemaker.

West gained 5 CCs all with best of breed


W.E.L.K.S. 2007.. Ms. M.R. Mcbryde  + Hound group 1

The National 2009.. Mrs. L. Cartledge

East of England 2009.. Mrs. E.A. Macdonald

Bournemouth 2009 .. Mrs. J. Wragg, + Hound group 1 and Best in Show

Darlington 2009.. Mr. J. Lewington

West made many dreams come true, he trusted me and always gave his best and I feel honoured to have had such a beautiful hound in my life, he is very sadly missed by us all.

Photo Carol Anne Johnson

Photo Carol Anne Johnson

Harropine Silk an Steel for Ladygrove

We lost our beautiful whippet, Silk , March 2014 aged just 3 years old. She had suffered a trauma to the head which had resulted in brain damage, causing fits and loss of coordination, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to give her sleep as her quality of life had been lost. A tragic accident, probably caused while running and playing rough with the other whippets, an autopsy later confirmed there was nothing we could have done to save her. She had such a wonderful personality, we all miss her so much. Thankfully her daughter, Dove is here with us and reminds us of her mum every day.


Ladygrove Belle Starr


Factor VII clear



Belle was lightly shown up to the age of 18 months, she gained 1 CC with best of breed & 1 RCC in that time.

A very sound, strong bitch, but with a rather heavy head, we decided she would retire from the ring and produce a litter in the future... unfortunately we never managed to get her mated so she lived as a much loved member of the family and Gunner's best friend. She enjoyed a quiet life (unless I got the leads out for a walk) and she always let us know if anyone came to the gate that she did not recognize... it's the only time we ever heard her bark. She was a very faithful hound, never any trouble, we miss you Belle.

Ch. All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove

Factor VII clear

Ch.All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove

Ch.All Guns Blazing for Ladygrove

Gunner with his daughters Gobi & Greta

Gunner with his daughters Gobi & Greta


Gunner had sweetest nature, a real gentleman, he made friends with everyone he met. A bit of an attention seeker, he hated me doing anything with the other dogs. He just wanted to be with me all the time... that's what made him happy and it's probably why he always did his best for me at shows. He was a dream to live with, always wanting to please. I loved him dearly and miss him terribly.  He died exactly one week after we lost his best friend Ladygrove Belle Starr who he had grieved for every day since she died. I wish with all my heart that you'd not left me so soon my beautiful Gunner, no hound will ever replace you !

He won 3 CCs with best of breed and 2 RCCs

 CC & best of breed  Darlington 2012  Mrs E Hamilton

CC & best of breed  Crufts 2013  Sue Finnett

Best in Show  The Deerhound Club 2013  Sandy Platt

CC & best of breed Birmingham National 2013  Sarah Helps

Best friends till the end, Belle & Gunner, it's not the same without you !


a gem of a hound, not a pedigree but a wonderful rescue girl who stole my heart the first time I saw her, she had the keenest hunting instinct of any dog I've ever owned. She lived to the grand age of 18. An amazing dog with the heart of a lion and the speed of a cheetah.